Moving On.

With surprising difficulty I have begun telling people that I am moving to Mill Valley, California. The last week has been a roller coaster of a ride for me. A month in California was awesome but I’ve missed so many elements of my life here in Dallas. Returning to my friends and my classes is good. I adore these things and it is hard to leave them all behind.

I grew up in Oregon, my most treasured childhood memories are of the lush mountains with their spires of redwoods and rocky beaches dotted with tide pool mysteries. Years later, when I visit, I cannot help but feel like I did when I was a child, awestruck at the majesty of it all. It is my past. It is my home.

It is also my future. At the end of September Brian, the kids, our dog and I will move to Mill Valley, California. Home is waiting.

Muir Beach, just a few miles from our soon-to-be home.


The view from Tam's East Peak. A short ride from the new house.

I will miss everyone in Dallas – my friends, my work, and all the people in my classes – but I won’t miss the city itself. Come visit me and we’ll go for a ride!


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