Bike Lanes Aside, It Sure Is Beautiful Here


Alpine Dam, smooth as glass.

A few photos from my Saturday of riding. First ride, the Studio Velo Saturday ride which normally goes to Olema but it was so cold this morning we decided to get to the climbs as fast as possible. After climbing up BoFax Road and Ridgecrest, we all felt quite a bit warmer. We also all agreed we were pretty amazed we lived in such an amazingly beautiful area. Breathtaking.


The SUN! Suddenly Jeff and I didn't feel so underdressed.


Alpine Dam is one of my favorite loops. It never gets old and the views are always spectacular.

After a quick bite to eat Brian and I rode into the city to scout out his commute to the office via bike. It was pretty beautiful along that route too. All the bitching aside, I do love living in Marin. Not a day goes by that I don’t find myself staring at my surroundings, awestruck by the majesty of it all.


Have a seat. The urban landscape around here is pretty cool too.


Looking out at the Bay from underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.


The Golden Gate Bridge, viewed from Fort Baker in the Marin Headlands.




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